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What would Shinji Mikami do????

or how i wasted countless hours playing games

What would Shinji Mikami do??
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A completely unoriginal idea that will probably amount to nothing more than the virtual boy.
This community is simply a clone (possibly of more depth) of random post on forum where people tell what random video game they (have/are/will) play(ed) on the day in question.

sort of like on theInsert Credit Forums (which is an awsome site and should be visited by all).

Outside of that... umm... no... umm... looting, raping, or pillaging (unless its in the name of Mikami).

Dont ask about the title, but if your unfamiliar with Shinji Mikami, hes the creator of such wonderful games include Biohazard (Resident Evil), Dino Crisis, Devil May Cry, and the such...