COMMADORE SHMIDLAB FAITO!!! (kermitisoncrack) wrote in wwsmd,

Ive been a naughty boy, for not playing FFVII after having the insatiable urge to play it for so long. Well, aside from packing, I started FFV on the FF Anthology thingy.

Well, I can honestly say, game aside, it sucks... it really, really sucks. Not saying its bad quality or anything, just that its like something my old nerdy music teacher told me. So, he has these old projector tapes of some random sci-fi series, for lack of a better one: Dr. Who. Now, he was also into laserdiscs (god bless thier smutty souls), and found some "remastered" Dr. Who on said format. Well, he liked em, but he told me that they were not as good as the old projector ones. They were the exact same story, the exact same everything, but in the translation, the filtering, and making the picture better, something was lost. At this time, I just shooed off the thought, a) because he was a loon, and b) I was young, and what I didnt understand, I just cast off.

Well, playing this game made me realize just what he was talking about. In this remake, there is something lost. And that loss isnt just money, its a certain... pride (per se), and a certain, je nes se qua about the original that made me love it so. Maybe it was the fact that graphics werent so big, which left more to the imagination, and marketing. Maybe it was the fact that now a large chunk of incoming relases are all remakes of older games/series, or just use the same tired gameplay which was new back then.

Anyways, I dont know why, but the remake makes me depressed. I miss the old midi-ish music, and the small SD versions of the character. But then again, I do love Nobuo Uemetsu, and Amano's art work, which, to this day, I have not seen so nicely purveryed in other mediums... so, it sort of works out in the end. Though I do wish that they would have "gone all the way", like Biohazard Rebirth to the original, and completely redo everything.

Damn, I just realized something, I could have made this into a longer bitchy-rant that I could put on my site (If I ever decide to revive the hapless SOB),
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